Newborn Care Specialists

Trained experts who help care for your little one so you can savor this all-too-short season.

Get some rest.

You want to soak up every precious moment with your new baby, but that’s tough to do when you’re sleep-deprived and overwhelmed.

Our Newborn Care Specialists (NCS) provide overnight or round-the-clock care so you can catch a break—and a nap!

Loving care for your little one.

Adventure Nannies recruits graduates from Newborn Care Solutions, the only CACHE*-accredited Newborn Care Specialist training program in the U.S. You can feel at ease knowing you have someone by your side with science-backed expertise.

The professionals we represent offer assistance with:


Bathing, diapering, dressing, soothing, and other general newborn care


Establishing daily schedules to support health and development


Age-appropriate sleep conditioning


Body- and bottle-feeding support


Preemies and multiples


Postpartum support


Washing bottles and pump parts, stocking the nursery, laundry


Transitioning to a long-term nanny

*Council for Awards in Care, Health & Education

This is a big-deal decision.

And we don’t take your trust lightly.

We search.

Your dedicated placement manager hits the ground running.


We craft a personalized job description highlighting your family’s unique needs.


We launch an active, creative recruitment process to attract exceptional candidates.


We engage in extensive preliminary screening to make sure you’re meeting with candidates you’re thrilled about.

You select.

We introduce you to a handful of well-qualified candidates.


You choose whom to meet, based on in-depth profiles and a candidate’s personal statement.


You get interview tips so you’re sure to ask the questions that matter most.


You select the newborn care specialist who will be joining your family and complete an agreement with them to reserve their availability.

We support.

You have us by your side through the entire process.


We provide assistance with scheduling, compensation and benefits negotiations, and employment agreements.


We offer help with state-specific employment and tax laws as needed.

Pros who know how to take care of your baby without taking over.

When you bring home a new baby, the last thing you need is someone in your way. The Newborn Care Specialists we represent are intuitive, nonjudgmental helpers who step in when you need them—and step away when you don’t.

“We met our dream nanny…”

and other kind words from Adventure Nannies families

[Trish] was like a third parent to Cooper. She was a great fit for our parenting style of trying to raise a resilient independent baby. She was very flexible with schedules and very accommodating. 

The Yamada Family

The team at Adventure Nannies was there with us every step of the way and shared so much guidance and so many resources and expert advice throughout the process, and continue to check in with us to this day.

– The Wright Family

[Adventure Nannies] took the time up front to talk to us in-depth about what qualities and skills we were looking for in a caregiver to our then 5-month old and did a great job using that information to vet and select some great candidates for us to meet with and interview.

Washington, D.C. Family

Newborn Care Specialists are in high demand.

We’ll help you land your dream candidate.

Adventure Nannies does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion or religious creed, disability or handicap, sex or gender, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law. We encourage our families to follow EEO practices when interviewing and selecting candidates for their positions.

Hiring a Newborn Care Specialist is an investment in your baby’s development, in your peace of mind, and in your family’s well-being.

We only recruit and place the best of the best, and we believe our candidates ought to be compensated for their experience and expertise, and at a rate that equals the scope of role and support they provide to your family.

In general, you can expect to invest:

  • A launch fee to start the search ($500)
  • A one-time placement fee (25% of the newborn care specialist’s total gross earnings)

Additionally, you can expect an Adventure Nanny to seek:

  • A minimum of $30 per hour, plus overtime if applicable
  • Benefits, much like any professional would be offered

Other Support

Long-Term Nannies

Positive, proactive professionals who care about your child as much as you do.

Travel & Temp Nannies

Adaptable, flexible helpers who foster your child’s curiosity wherever life takes your family.

Private Educators

Creative collaborators who meet kids right where they are and empower them to become life-long learners.

Common Questions

About Adventure Nannies Candidates

How do you find candidates for nanny positions?

Candidates find us through personal and client referrals, our extended nanny network, specialized training programs, local university networks, parenting groups and organizations, our website, networking, and word of mouth. We actively recruit for every family we work with and receive more than 10,000 candidate applications from across the country every year.

Less than 5% of candidates who apply to Adventure Nannies make it through our rigorous qualification process.

Can you help our family find a nanny who has been trained in RIE / Montessori / Waldorf / Pikler?

Yes! We often run specialized searches for nannies who are well-versed in many alternative education and childcare practices.

You may also consider candidates with a basic familiarity and appreciation for your preferred approach and then invest in a formal certification course for the ideal candidate if one is desired.

Can you help us find a bilingual nanny?

Yes! Many of our professional nannies are fluent in second and third languages such as Spanish, French, Mandarin, and American Sign Language. We are one of the only agencies nationwide that offers specialized searches with language and specific education requirements!

Please keep in mind that specialized searches often result in extended timelines.

Can you helps us find a nanny who specializes in working with children with disabilities?

Yes! This is one of our most popular requests. We have many nannies who have formal training, certifications, and/or have years of experience with children who have a range of support needs.

What other household duties do nannies typically perform?

In addition to childcare, a nanny’s household duties may include:

  • keeping the children’s areas organized/tidy
  • pitching in to the overall cleanliness of the household (light housekeeping)
  • loading and unloading the dishwasher
  • running errands
  • basic meal preparation
  • folding/putting away children’s laundry.

Many families who are seeking more of a focus around assisting, errands, cooking, or laundry title their position “nanny/family assistant” to better define the larger scope.

We help you create a job description to attract the ideal candidates.

About the Search and Screening Process

How long will my search take?

Newborn Care Specialists are often booked 3-9 months in advance, so we recommend beginning your search as soon as possible.

What can I do to expedite the search process?

Families who communicate clearly and quickly tend to get the fastest results. For example, your feedback during the search process is vital to ensure the candidates we screen and present are exactly what you’re looking for. 

It’s also important to clearly communicate expectations and guidelines in your candidate interviews and employment agreement, create a plan for training, and provide plenty of opportunities for feedback and open communication. 

We guide you the whole way through.

How do you screen your candidates?

Each candidate has at least two interviews with our staff, including your dedicated placement manager. We also check at least three professional references and conduct an online and social media screen.

Once you’ve extended an offer of employment, your new hire will undergo a thorough background check in compliance with applicable laws:
● Criminal Background Investigation
● DMV Driving Record
● Social Security Number Verification
● Sex Offender Registry
● Civil Restraining Orders
● National Wants and Warrants
● Education Verification
● TrustLine Verification (California)

Is Adventure Nannies, itself, vetted?

We are! The nonprofit organization, Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, vets and supports nanny agencies in the United States and around the world. Since the nanny agency industry is largely unregulated, APNA members (such as Adventure Nannies) undergo a rigorous review of all documents, materials, and agreements to ensure they are operating ethically and within the law.

About Placement

Is there a trial period?

During the interview process, we encourage families to have a paid trial of 1 to 7 days for each candidate.

What if things don't go well after hiring my employee?

We make every effort to help you make the right hiring decision the first time around. But we also understand introducing new caretakers to your children can be stressful for all parties involved. That’s why our team stays in touch after placement to provide guidance as needed on how to preserve a good relationship with your new employee. Often, employer/nanny concerns can be resolved with communication and counseling. 

However, for peace of mind, we also offer a generous credit offer toward a future search if things don’t work out within the first year of employment.

About Agency Fees and Nanny Compensation

What are your agency fees?

Our Newborn Care Specialist placements begin with a $500 launch fee and a one-time placement fee (25% of the newborn care specialist’s total gross earnings).

What is the typical hourly rate for an Adventure Nanny?

Newborn Care Specialists earn at least $30 per hour, plus overtime if applicable. There is no difference in salary for a live-in or live-out employees.

What benefits do you suggest offering?

We recommend employers put themselves in the shoes of an employee when making these decisions. Specific benefits vary depending on the Newborn Care Specialist’s needs and their specific placement. Common benefits include:
● paid vacation and sick time
● holiday pay
● medical, dental, and/or vision insurance coverage or healthcare stipend
● contribution to nanny’s auto insurance plan
● use of car while not working
● gas mileage stipend
● meals while working
● work cell phone
● 401K
● relocation assistance

We offer guidance on how to craft your wage and benefits package.

How do I handle taxes for my employee?

Your family will be the Newborn Care Specialist’s employer, so you’re responsible for tax withholding. They cannot be a 1099 independent contractor.

We’re happy to introduce you to our expert payroll partners, HomeWork Solutions.

Why do I have to pay my Newborn Care Specialist legally? None of my friends do.

The candidates we work with are professionals and expect to be legally employed by your family—the same way someone working for a business would expect to be employed.

It’s becoming less and less common for families to pay domestic workers illegally (or more politely called “under the table”), as the IRS is taking more note of these infringements. Hiring someone illegally can often result in serious tax and legal consequences for families and also withholds vital protections for employees, including unemployment and workers compensation benefits.

Additionally, people who are paid illegally are unable to verify their professional income and often struggle when applying for rental housing, mortgages, student loans, and auto loans.

We are always more than happy to talk to your friends and explain the risks they may be unknowingly taking on for both their family and their employee by neglecting to pay legally.

Don’t let those first few months go by in a blur.

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